Akira the Don / Jordan Greenhall [Rebel Wisdom 2018]


IDW - what’s the nexus?

  • We’re at some sort of juncture; they’re adding to the conversation 

  • Akira sees them as characters in a Marvel-esque universe 

  • JBP is sort of like Iron Man 

JG: We’re in “mythopoetic” times; archetypal times 

  • Always, but especially now, it seems 

Qualities showing up in the IDW

  • Courage; bravery 

  • We seem deeply attuned to this 

  • An unreasonable attraction to the truth

  • Even suffering through pain 

  • Calling out to the hero in the everyman 

To venture into the unknown is eternally scary

  • And preternaturally admired, at the same time 

The times seem to summon the speaker 

"A beautiful corpse"

  • e.g., Beatles on Ed Sullivan 

    • It’s received, en masse 

  • Now, responders / FLUPs are at parity

  • The end of the author

    • Parallel to Foucault’s birth of the author

High and low culture

  • They’re both evolutionary niches 

  • You can tailor content to an audience

There’s a flat surface, in media now; how do you play the game?

  • We’re figuring that out